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Our self-managed teams work inside of your sys­tems and proces­ses, while our en­gineering leaders have their pri­orities set di­rectly by your de­velopment ma­nagers. We match our ope­rations to your en­gineering cul­ture.

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Outsourcing As It Should Be

As a product de­veloper, we de­liver high-quality integ­rated so­lutions to en­sure a real re­sult for our clients

  • A fully ma­naged team of senior en­gineers

    Roowix sig­nificantly re­duces your time to mar­ket by pro­viding fully ma­naged teams of senior en­gineers. You can ex­pand your de­velopment ca­pacity without the ef­fort of re­cruiting and on­boarding new hires. While you fo­cus on stra­tegic vision, we drive daily ac­tivity and code quality.

  • We al­ready have a team that is ready to work

    Fin­ding top en­gineers is prac­tically im­possible. Even if you can find the best, on­boarding and ma­naging new hires takes time and at­tention away from building a great pro­duct.

  • We adapt to your de­vel­opment and man­agement pro­cesses

    While you focus on un­derstanding cus­tomer needs and sales, we focus on de­livering a quality pro­duct to your cus­tomers.

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A bu­siness comes to life when the de­veloper finds the ap­propriate so­lution for a par­ticular prob­lem.

Maksim Belyakov

Technology Matters

This list is a short over­view of the tech­no­logy that we use

  • Platforms

    • Web
    • Mobile
  • Architecture

    • E-commerce
    • Saas
    • High load
  • Backend

    • PHP
    • Nodejs
  • Mobile

    • React Native
    • Native script

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