A solid plan, clearly com­municated and im­plemented through sound cooperation, leads to ideas being realised

Our ex­perience has shown that suc­cess is best achieved for a cus­tomer through close cooperation and clear com­munication. That is why we want to meet all our cli­ents face-to-face so that we can truly un­derstand their ideas and work with them to find how they can best be achieved. Through de­tailed plan­ning, fre­quent con­tact and total trans­parency, we are con­fident that we can help you create whatever you want.

  • Test Assignment
    Test Assignment

    We will com­plete your test assig­nment with full trans­parency, show­casing our per­formance, quality and work­flow stan­dards.

  • Team Onboarding
    Team Onboarding

    The team tra­vels onsite for 1-2 weeks to get to know the pro­duct and the mar­ket it is in­tended for, as well as to meet their counter­parts face-to-face. Your priorities are made clear to us and we en­sure that our ef­forts are used in the best way pos­sible to add va­lue to your bu­siness. A de­velopment environ­ment is set up and our team gets stuck into acquaint­ing them­selves with your pro­ject, en­suring that every­one is on the same page. Roles are set up ac­cording to the capabilities of the team, with individual mem­bers taking on re­sponsibilities in line with their skills.

  • Work

    We set our priorities and plan work while taking note of any time dif­ferences. Daily meetings are held. Over­all com­munications about the general prog­ress of the pro­ject are ad­dressed to the team lead, who is res­ponsible for en­suring that the project’s prog­ress aligns with your goals. Any questions re­garding par­ticular tasks can be ad­dressed straight to the de­veloper. We plug away at implement­ing your tasks while taking care to make all of our pro­cesses totally trans­parent.

  • Feedback

    We travel back to you every 2-3 months for a retrospective on the work done so far. We elicit feed­back on our operating processes and offer you the same; work­ing together to change how we work for the bet­ter. Any bottlenecks are iden­tified and bugs get squashed. We plan our next steps to­gether and make sure we under­stand your priorities, especially if they have changed. We put our heads together to over­come any prob­lems that might arise. Bring new team mem­bers aboard.

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Our clients aim high, and so do we. We help de­velop and scale pro­ducts that think glo­bally and are used around the world.