Gelato Globe Has Set Out to Conquer the International Printing Market

Have been work­ing together for 4 years

Original team — 1 person

Team today — 4 people

Current delivery — 32 h/day


Local printing for global companies


Gelato is a platform where all types of di­gital files can be sto­red, sha­red, edi­ted and printed. It is con­nected to a global net­work of professional prin­ters, which allows for local pro­duction and fast de­liveries.

By digitizing the work pro­cesses associated with printing, the majority of time re­quired can be saved. One example is the use of editable temp­lates instead of asking a de­signer or agency for help whenever con­tent must be updated.

What Did Gelato Need?

  • To main­tain a small and flexible management team while they de­velop a great pro­duct. As Gelato is a global print­ing cloud, having a global team is a great way to en­sure that the pro­duct being created can ad­dress global needs.

  • Re­tain sole business res­ponsibility and delegate res­ponsibility for pro­duct de­velopment to de­velopment partners.

What Did Gelato Get?

  • Gelato got a flexible team that was able to adopt their cur­rent process and improve them.

  • One prob­lem was that manual QA did not have enough time to properly test all the features that we de­liver. To solve this, we hired a test auto­mation expert who is now de­veloping a so­lution to this problem – a couple of features could be tested im­mediately after de­ploying the code.

  • Product has grown from an MVP to a world leader in DAM (Digital Asset Management) so­lutions for on-demand prin­ting and managing mar­keting ma­terials. We always come up with ideas for technical improvement that are aligned with the business priorities in order to prevent technical short­comings and de­liver on time.

  • Gelato head­quarters still remain small and agile. A startup atmosphere with no bureaucracy still reigns there and critical de­cisions can be agreed on over a Skype call.

How Was This Done?

  • Gelato came to Novosibirsk and gave a small task to a few local out­sourcing companies. At this time, Gelato was a small business, but we saw their po­tential and said to each other that if we manage to get Gelato and Gelato grows, we will grow as well. We pushed our­selves to complete task de­velopment as quickly as possible and when the Gelato team re­turned to Oslo the next day, they found a ready-made so­lution waiting in their inbox. It was exactly what Gelato was looking for — a small team with big ambitions and the right attitude for working hard and smartly.

  • We started with one de­veloper on the Optimalprint pro­duct and now there is a team of 6 working on Gelato Globe.

  • Developing a pro­duct re­quires a deep under­standing of customer needs and extensive user inter­action. Locating R&D personnel away from customers limits the ability to de­velop in­novative pro­ducts that meet market needs.

  • To solve this, we scheduled events in the Gelato of­fice every few mon­ths, where the pro­duct owner links up with the engineering team to review de­liverables and pro­vide constant feed­back.

What Next?

We never rest on our laurels. Gelato sets the bar high and has assigned us even more ambitious tasks. In order to be able to com­plete those too, we hand-pick our team from the best of the best.

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Our clients aim high, and so are we. We help develop and scale products that think globally and are used around the world.