Seamless team extension sol­ves the problems of outsourced development

We don’t only understand what so often goes wrong with outsource development – we also have solutions to these problems

  • Stable Results

    We set the bar high and never com­promise on the qua­lity of team mem­bers. 90% of all our teams are Senior Developers. We have one of the stric­test hiring po­licies in the whole re­gion.

    Un­predictable quality and un­stable re­sults

  • Effective Communication

    Our teams are self-managed and com­municate with you di­rectly. There are no mid­dlemen or inter­mediaries. As for ma­nagement tech­niques, we have a com­plete, up-to-date skillset: agile, re­gular mee­tings and on­boarding for new team mem­bers

    Poor and inter­mittent com­munication

  • Full involvement

    All teams are fully de­dicated and work on one pro­duct only. If you start a task with some­one, that exact same per­son will work on the task the whole time. Our great amount of ex­perience al­lows us to under­stand bu­siness needs.

    Low in­volvement and no under­standing of pro­duct and user needs

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We have created a culture where the
only acceptable result is a happy
customer. The outcome? Long term
relationships and double-or even
triple-repeat customers.

Vasiliy Sergeev

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Our clients aim high and so do we. We help de­velop and scale pro­ducts that think glo­bally and are used around the world.